Issues Men Have in Ministry

Five issues men in ministry often experience. Continue reading

Being a Woman in Youth Ministry

Being a woman in youth ministry can be hard, but God knit us to be a part of His creation as servants and calls us to serve Him. Continue reading

Devotion: You…Sometimes Walk Alone

a devotion for youth workers on Matthew 16:24-25 Continue reading

5 Practices for Raising Church Worker Kids

Church worker kids often have a difficult time. If you are a church worker, try these 5 practices to raise kids who love their church. Continue reading

Betwixt: Alone? Alienated? Abandoned? Nope!

A lot of us can feel like we're alone in our jobs, but we have a God who never leaves us. Continue reading

Bible Study: Be Still and Listen

This two-part Bible study is designed to be a personal study for adult youth workers. Youth workers are busy people! We work long hours to serve others and sometimes feel like we are running on empty. If you feel like you don't have the time to do a personal Bible Study...this is for you! While this study has the adult youth worker in mind, it can also be used as a group Bible study for adults or teens. May God bless your time of meditation! Continue reading


When serving as a full-time church worker, it is tough to balance time to family and time to church. Where should your priorities lie? Rev. Jeff Kunze offers some perspective in this article. Continue reading

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