Devotion: In Christ Alone I Stand

Paul’s focus on Jesus Christ alone, in spite of his lack of eloquence and wisdom, is a great model for us. Continue reading

Taking the Gathering Home

How do you continue the conversations started at the Gathering when you get home? Continue reading

Devotion: In Christ Alone – Community

God brought Paul and the Philippians together for a common purpose. Continue reading

Bible Study: Humility is a Big Deal

Humility is a by-product of faith. It comes from trusting God. Continue reading

Webinar: Bringing the Gathering Home

How to make the Gathering more than a five-day event but a springboard for local, ongoing ministry taking place in your local congregation. Continue reading

Bible Study: Christian Character

This Bible study explores the concepts of identity, humility, and community in Christ alone. Continue reading

Bible Study: iDentity

In this study, we look at our identity from God's point of view. Continue reading

Betwixt: Navigating the Choppy Waters of Identity

Most students are desperately trying to find their identity during these tumultuous few years, and it's easy to see why so many kids latch onto the first thing they stumble across: Hockey. Choir. Alcohol. A boyfriend or girlfriend. Continue reading

Game: Sample Taste

Type/Purpose: Food/Messy, Travel Continue reading

Game: Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

Type/Purpose: High Tech, Scavenger Hunt, Travel Continue reading

Travel Games

Youth groups are constantly traveling, and it's always nice to have a bag of tricks to pull from. Only a few of these have need of props, and the variations are endless. Continue reading

Game: Sum Fun

Type/Purpose: Ice Breaker, Travel Continue reading

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