Upping the Odds with One Outcome

What if congregations rethink church and become a mission outpost with ONE outcome? Continue reading

Missional Youth Ministry

If teens begin to see their lives as belonging to God and their mission and purpose as spreading his Word, they will begin to see opportunities all around them to carry out the Great Commission. Continue reading

What Does Missional Mean?

"Missional" is popular these days...but what does it mean? Continue reading

Young Adults in Action: Why Service?

Service should be the natural extension of faith, giving young adults what they are yearning for. Continue reading

The Stride: Youth Worker Devotional Life

Studies among pastors puts the devotional life in the top five most pressing needs of pastors and the top five personal and professional experiences impacting DCEs. Continue reading

Young Adults in Action: Lost

Congregations seeking to support young adults can be a tremendous help in navigating them from one church community to the next. Continue reading

Servant Events: Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists to make your Servant Event the best experience it can be for your youth Continue reading

Devotion: Who Serves?

Service isn't just for adults or those with professional training. Continue reading

Devotion: Foundation of Service

God tells us that just as trees are stable because they are rooted in the ground, we are to be rooted in love. Continue reading

FOCUS Part 4: Being Christ’s Disciples

Being Christian servants isn't easy. Not only does it require a good deal of spiritual, mental, and physical discipline, but our culture is working against us. This article explores methods to enhance your ability to serve Christ in the world today. Continue reading

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