Bible Study: Keeping the Body Image Beast at Bay

This Bible study seeks to emphasize what a body is and is not, with intent to promote confidence and self-worth in youth. Continue reading

Bible Study: Let’s Talk – Hurting Families

resources and Bible study to help youth workers as they minister to hurting families Continue reading

Bible Study: Let’s Talk – Alcohol Use & Abuse

a Bible study that explores the problem of alcohol abuse among teens Continue reading

Book Club: When Kids Hurt, pt. 1

Is adolescence THAT much different from when I was a teenager? Continue reading

Being a Leader Who Helps

Tips for youth workers on how to help youth who hurt. Continue reading

What’s a Person to Do? Helping Youth with Drug/Alcohol Addictions

Know when to get help with alcohol and other drug issues in youth. Continue reading

Not My Student?!

Help the student caught in drug and alcohol abuse. Continue reading

Bible Study: The Addictive Personality

This four-part Bible study presents analysis of prominent Bible characters, their lifestyles, and what they can teach us about addiction and addictive personalities. Use this study to show your youth the historical and present reality of God's grace in healing all wounds, deep and shallow, through the redeeming sacrifice of Christ Jesus. Continue reading

Just to Say Hi – Helping Youth in Crisis

As a youth worker, Christ has given you a tremendous opportunity to serve His young people on the front lines. Every now and then, the devil, the world, and their own flesh delivers such a tremendous blow to your young people that their stories leave you reeling. This article provides a few guidelines to help you know when it's OK to handle such trouble on your own and when it's better to steer troubled youth toward professional help. Continue reading

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