Apologia: Why Doesn’t God Prevent Sin?

Our world is broken. Sin has broken everything that exists and has ever existed since Adam and Eves fall. It destroys all relationships between God, creation and humankind. Sin brings death and destruction, and it separates us from God, from nature and from each other. So why didnt God prevent sin? Why doesnt He prevent it now? Continue reading

Apologia: Creation vs. Evolution

Was life on Earth created by God, or is it the product of evolution? Use this talk sheet to explore the issue with your youth. Continue reading

Tough Topics

Guiding youth through the tough times and difficult topics. Continue reading

Veritas: Questions I Have

youthESource asked a couple teens, “What questions do you have about your faith, or about God? What questions are your friends asking? Where do you go for the answers? How could your church help?” Here’s what one of them had to say. Continue reading

Give Me the Right Words to Say

Apologetics is the study and practice of providing credible explanations for why Christians believe what they believe. This article offers advice in how you might arm the youth you serve with the tools of apologetic thinking. Continue reading

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